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If you are looking for a software for your child, you should do a systematic search through these and other links, as worse than not learning can be learning from bad sources. If your child is having difficulty with math (or some other subject), don't blame a child, blame a teacher! In United States even more appropriate would be blaming a government enforced curriculum (Mr. Feynman eloquently expressed why), 'new math' curriculum (and teachers who follow it). The potential of a human mind is far greater than is commonly percieved as Garlikov showed how Socratic method of teaching by asking instead of telling works with kids, and as Erin Gruwell and her students show here.

Below are links to existing free educational software... visit them and choose the software that best fits your or your child's needs.

More educational links.

Inverudio's educational software

Under development. Visit this page again in few months.

You may be wondering what this software has that existing ones don't. Among other things, it will be:


Every child has different knowledge, interests, and learning style. This software will respect that, and find an optimal learning path for the fastest and most complete learning experience.


Interacts with a child on a very high level, meaning that it will not use multiple choice questions as most of todays software does, but will recognize a child's responses, and localize mistakes and knowledge weaknesses.


There will be no limit in lessons, examples and problems. Each child will have a different learning path.
It will implement Internationalization and Localization, features that allow running the same application on any language and font.


The infrastructure of the software is being developed in such a way as to allow flexibility, easy modifications, upgrades, and improvements.


Logo Flash animation reflects company mission.

If you would like to be informed when this educational software is released, or if you decide to find a programming, science or math tutor in Chicago, leave your contact information here.

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