Simple PHP Guestbook - Free


  1. File based guestbook - no database needed
  2. Instant email notification of new comments
  3. (Multi) comment deletion and IP address block feature
  4. Delete all spam from the same sender with a click from your email
  5. Multi language support with UTF-8 character encoding (added 03/03/2008)
  6. You can change look and feel, and number of comments to be shown by page
  7. 'missing email' warning - a few people didn't read instructions so i placed a notice in the code
  8. Basic spam robot protection. Soon: CAPTCHA, flood protection
  9. Gavatar support (added 01/31/2010)

Try live free guestbook demo.

Screenshot of different themes supported with this free guestbook script.

Should you use it?

I think that this guestbook is among the best in the Simple / PHP / Free / File-based category. However, you are welcome to explore alternatives.


Important: most recent version of this guestbook (last modified on 16 Dec 2013) is available only here.

Download and upload to your server and unzip. There will be 3 files:

  1. 'mygb.php' in which you have to personalize few variables;
  2. 'gb-exec.php' which adds new comments to guestbook and generates 'gbcontentfile.php' with the first entry;
  3. 'guestbook.php' which is the main file that you can personalize further by editing it. You should have some php/html skills for this.
  4. 'bips.php' (BlockedIP'S) file will be generated once you block an IP address.

Link from your website pages to the guestbook using the style of your choice. Link will look like this:

Possible issues: Some users get this warning:

Unable to create file gbcontentfile.php because Permission denied in ...
If this happens, you need to modify file/folder permissions (file to 644 and directory to 755). If this doesn't help, create by yourself following empty files in the guestbook folder: bips.php and gbcontentfile.php


If you have questions in regards to installation of this guestbook, and given instructions are not solving your problems, then something tricky is going on, and you can get a personal support for $15 (refunded if unable to solve your problem). Also, if you want to remove a copyright link, I ask for donation of $15.