Company mission

Inverudio's mission is to develop internet based educational methods.

The literal interpretation of the company name (see below) means "to invent education". This is partially true. There already are extremely admirable educational methods and approaches being implemented in schools throughout the world. The problem is that these methods are applied mainly in very limited environments and experimental schools. There is a solution for this problem.

Inverudio is researching a number of these methods and is integrating the best of them into its software. Inverudio wants to improve education by making this methods accessible on the internet. They will enable easy, fast, interesting, efficient, and advanced learning.

This educational software will interact with a huge database of real life, historical, and interest oriented questions, lessons, examples, and problems. The purpose of this software will be not only to teach, but also to help a child discover knowledge.

What does Inverudio mean?

The Latin term invenio means "to invent, to discover", and the term erudio means "to educate". The animation of the company logo illustrates their synthesis, and the name Inverudio reflects the company's mission.


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