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Interactive Schroedinger wave equation simulation - Java applet/application.

Schrödinger equation


While uncertainty of living cat was widely explored in quantum mechanics (thought) experiments, not many people foccused on the question of novelty (would a cat do same or different things while waiting for an observer?). This application was developed so that some new questions could be answered. For example, where does the aboundance of creativity and diversity around us come from? At what level of observation do novelties arise? This application however DOES NOT try to answer questions like "are all hydrogen atoms the same?".


Academic papers that used this simulation:
Sabelli H. and Kovacevic L. Quantum Bios and Biotic Complexity in the Distribution of Galaxies. Complexity 11:14-25, 2006. (cover page)
Thomas G., Sabelli H., Kauffman L., and Kovacevic L. Biotic patterns in the Schrödinger's equation and the early universe. InterJournal Complex Systems, 1787.

You can read more about bios time series data analysis.


Application simulates time-dependent one-dimensional Schroedinger wave equation of a particle in a box. Initial conditions can be Gaussian pocket, Dirac, square envelope, etc.
This program uses numerical calculation from site, (S. E. Koonin, Computational Physics, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Inc, 1986).


JVM 1.5 (Java 5.0) is required.

If the applet does not load, you can download Schrodinger.jar file that also works as an executable application.

Source code files are:,,

Note that I have found recently even better and much more complex applet (so hard to believe :O) which is located here.
However, this has at least one advantage - you can have actual data series output in a nicely formated text file.


* Since last JAVA update, phase (blue) plot is not working. I stopped working on this applet, so if you find out what is wrong, you can also let me know.
* Tooltips do not display initially. Cause unknown. Click in applet and hover over various text fields to wake up tooltips.
* Applet display corrupted upon scrolling. This is a common issue with many applets. Microsoft article for IE.
* When I was writing this applet, it didn't occur to me that users may have smaller monitors, and therefore width is ~1000 pixels and is not resizable.

applet should load here!/|\

applet should end here!\|/

Questions from past visitors:

Q: Why does it require to be treated as a "trused applet". Does it need to access my hard-drive?
A: You can choose not to trust applet (it will still work), but than print option will be disabled. If you trust it (trust me - Lazar Kovacevic - the name on the certificate), you will be able to print numerical data into a file on a desktop.

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Screenshot of the applet/application
Interactive Schrodinger one dimensional time dependent wave equation simulation

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