Web development

Need a static or dynamic website? Database-driven web site using PHP and MySQL?

Supported technologies

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
XHTML - EXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
DHTML - Dynamic HTML
PHP - Personal Home Page Hypertext Preprocessor
MySQL - Structured Query Language

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What's the use of a website if people don't know about it. Whatever your website is about, the most important thing is to optimize it for search engines (SE), as that is a common way how people learn about new web sites. Believe it or not, whether it has high quality content web page or not, it may or may not appear in SE results depending on optimization. Sometimes even 1 paragraph is enough to get you to the top 10 among a million of results, if it is done the right way. If you are interested, call me, as probability is extremely high that I will be able to improve your site ranking. Read more about Search Engine Optimization Service in Chicago.


Websites that conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) specifications can be validated, and they have appearance that does not depend on specific ways different browsers handle errors in non-valid pages. I found out about this the 'hard' way. One of my pages was blank in Internet Explorer (IE) due to missing bracket (>). Since I rarely use this browser, and test my pages in Mozilla Firefox, I did not know how long my page was non-functional in IE, and I decided to validate this site as that was the only way to be certain of its functionality without having to test it on every existing browser and all their different versions.


Whether you are looking for a single web-page site, or a complete database driven social networking solutions, obscure topics search engine optimization, or SEO of highly competitive topics, Inverudio can supply you with ideas and cost-effective solutions.

For serious prospects, references are available upon request.


Please note that the focus of this company is primarily database driven web development and programming. If in addition to these needs you want a stylish design for your website, do not worry. Inverudio collaborates with a few professional web design companies, some of which are well known on the internet.

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