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Magnets Multi Agent Simulation Model (JAVA & REPAST).


Magnets model simulates the dynamics of the system with 1 agent type: magnets.

You can observe how initial random directions of magnets change depending on where they are placed (the surrounding magnetic field). You can also see that magnetic flux tends to get minimized after the space gets saturated with magnets.


If you are new to REPAST, I wormly recommend that you start with this Java tutorial.

If you are relatively new to JAVA programming or programming in general, you will also find this tutorial very useful, because it will show you a methodology of implementing an idea from words into a computer program in a step by step instructions. The tutorial helped me with writing this application, as well as another one, Predator Prey multi agent simulation, which is essentially expanded tutorial.


Download a jar application Magnets_fat.jar (right click to save) that includes a REPAST libraries (2 Megabytes).

Or instead of this file, download a source code (6 kilobytes) file with the following 4 classes

You can download REPAST libraries from their website.

screenshot of the application
REPAST multi agent magnets simulation

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