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IMPORTANT: I don't suggest the use of this plugin any more as I learned how accessibility is degraded by opening new windows without user's explicit request for such an action. The reason why I wrote this plugin is because I was almost always opening external (and often even internal) links in new tabs, but I guess not every user is like me.

I still suggest reading about related WordPress SEO Nofollow plugin.

WordPress Blog SEO Plugin Opening Post & Comment (External) Links In New Window/Tab

This plug-in opens links in blog posts and comments in new tab/window, therefore keeping your visitors on your blog. Without this plugin, when visitors click on external link, they are navigated away from your site, and may never come back to check other nice posts you have wrote. Note that 'external' in title is in parentheses, as it is just an assumption that links in comments will be external. If they point to pages within same blog, they are still opened in new tabs.

Excuse my ignorance if similar plugin already exists, I looked for it and couldn't find it. There is one that puts blanks in comment links, but not post links. This one does both.

UPDATE: I fixed the problem that was occuring with javascript links.


You can download target-blank-in-posts-and-comments and unzip it into plugins folder, activate it, and blah blah statistics blah.

Remember to delete WP-Cache if you have that plugin. Otherwise, you may not see effect of this plugin immediately.

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